Round Bar @ 12M (Iron Concrete)

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Category Round Bar @ 12M (Iron Concrete) 
Iron Concrete Produced in General Consists Of 3 Type: Solid Surface Concrete Iron (Round Bar), Deformed Bar (Deformed Bar) And Iron Concrete Channel U (Shape). Raw Iron Concrete is Billet, Steel Beams Which Is Measuring 100 X 100 Mm, Mm 110 X 110, 120 X 120mm With Each length of about 170 Mm. Raw Material Is From Billet Self-Iron Scrap Iron, Scrap, And Materials Helper As Coke, Graphite, Lime, Ferro Alloys The Fused With Various Methods. Earlier Auxiliary Materials Used For Getting The element Carbon (C), Si (Silicon), Mn (Manganese) Will Highly Influential At Qualitas Iron Concrete. 

Good Quality Concrete Iron Is Who Owns Tensile Strength (Standard Yield Strength / Ys) Minimum of 24 Kg / mm 2. Carbon levels Influential Big To Mechanical Properties Of Iron Concrete. The Carbon Levels Too Big Iron Will Make Concrete Becomes Brittle And Will Increase Hardness and Tensile Strength Descending Tend But Tenacity. Levels Influential Element Against Silicone Micro Iron Concrete Structures. What Causes Low Levels of Iron Silicon Being kropos. Levels of Manganese Element Iron Impact Toughness Big In Concrete. The element manganese Too Much But Can Improve Toughness Reduce Violence. 

How to Calculate Weight Concrete Iron Sni (Indonesian National Standard) 

Plain With Grade U24 (Standard Yield Strength: 24 Kg / mm 2) 
With threaded Grade U40 (Standard Yield Strength: 40 Kg / mm 2) 
Weight (in Kg) = Diameter (mm) * Diameter (mm) * Length (M) * 0.006165 0.006165 Coefisien In Finding An Iron Weight Concrete. 
For example Iron With a diameter of 10mm and length of 12M Have Weight 
10 * 10 * 12 * 0.006165 = 7,398 Kg

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