Rockwool insulation TOMBO M. G. Wired Blanket

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02 May 2023
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Specification of Rockwool insulation TOMBO M. G. Wired Blanket

Rockwool insulation TOMBO M.G. Wired Blanket

Description :

- Density (Kg/m3): 60, 80, 100, 120

- Service Temperature: Up to 750"

- Thickness (mm) x Width (mm) x Length (mm): 25 x 900 x 5,000, 40, 50 x 900 x 4,000, 75, 100 x 900 x 3000

Application usage: Flexible rockwool blanket insulation has one side sewn with 0.5mm diameter galvanized wire and hexagonal pattern mesh, used for dams, fittings, valves, pipes

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