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Ship Plate ( Metric Size )
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27 Aug 2020
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Specification of Ship Plate ( Metric Size )

Ship plate is a plate that is different from the plate in general. Excess ship plate certainly contained elements other than steel as the main element. Elements of the mixture in the vessel plate affect the rate of corrosion that occurs on the ship later. The elements of the mixture should certainly add to the quality of the plate. 
             Ship plate made ​​of smelting iron ore in a blast furnace that has a cone structure and the furnace is of course made ​​of fireproof material. Heat of fusion using coke and limestone in the ore so that the crust can be lifted and not mixed. The content within each sheet of plate is 92-97 per cent of the iron. The rest are carbon, silicon, manganese, sulfur, and phosphorus. Of course, in the mold plate-borne impurities should be minimized to maintain quality of the plate. 

Outside the steel can be defined as an alloy of iron and carbon. For the carbon content varied ranges between 0.1% and when the steel has been hardened to 1.8% of the content of the whole plate. Acidification process used to correct low iron plate by incorporating elements phosphorus and sulfur. Both of these elements are rich in silicon and produce the required acid slag plate. The element phosphorus is limestone which produces basic slag. 85% of the steel elements are produced using modern techniques and also good quality course with elements of superior ore. 
             In the process of ship plate there is a stage which is the stage for achieving better quality plate. Such processes include 
Open heart Process. 
Electric Furnaces process. 
Oxygen Process. 
Additional chemical. 
Each process has its own way of treating iron ore into metal to plate. 
             Open hearth process is the process of smelting iron ore in large furnaces to produce steel which in large quantities. After the open-hearth process followed the electic funance which functioned as distilling material to provide the required composition. Electric furnace process is often used for the production of high quality. Then the process Oxygen is one of the modern prose. A high purity oxygen jet directed onto the surface of molten metal to repair the steel. The next process is the additional chemical to steel which this process is the addition of a chemical that is used to make steel quality is getting better with the appropriate composition.

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