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Sell Rockwool

Specification of Rockwool

Materials of this one including one type of construction materials that can be practically multifunctional. Generally used to provide insulation in the buildings or houses where you live. Can also be used to protect pipes, boats, and cooking utensils. PT. Source Sarana Agung selling rockwool that can be used for the layers of the walls of a studio, because the function also reduces the intensity of the sound from the resonance panel to the ear (soundproof). One more often used as one of the planting medium that is widely used by hydroponic farmers. This planting medium has advantages compared with other media, especially in terms of composition of water and air composition that can be stored by this planting medium.

Rockwool is suitable for various industrial needs and product applications such as genset room silencer, studio silencer / discotheque, room partition. Because this material has several advantages as below:

- Has low thermal conductivity
- Can be used at a temperature of 100 ° C to 820 ° C
- Safe and non flammable
- Not rusty and moldy
- Soundproof

PT. Sarana Agung Resources sell rockwool, pipe, iron plate / sus, fittings, valve, insulation and various other technical goods.

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