sumitomo pipe
sumitomo pipe
sumitomo pipe
sumitomo pipe
sumitomo pipe
sumitomo pipe
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12 Mar 2020
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Specification of

Japan's Sumitomo Pipe (piping and equipment)

  • - Sumitomo Pipe Seamless Carbon Steel ASTM A53 / A106 / API 5L Gr B, SCH 40/80/160, sizes 1/2 "S / D 24"
  • - Sumitomo Pipe Seamless Stainless Steel SUS 304 and SUS 316, SCH 10/20 / 40/80, size 1/2 "S / D 20"

Japanese sumitomo pipes are made of quality materials, already in the test with high technology. Sumitomo pipe itself is taken from the Japanese. Japanese sumitomo pipe has been tested level of flexibility and resistance to leaks that became a mainstay in many countries, including in its home country of Japan.

Pipes are widely exported to neighboring countries, one of Indonesia. Made with a variety of sizes ranging from 1/2 inch to 24-inch sizes and in various thicknesses that are already in standardkan. Each thickness by naming in the form of schedule number, not in the shape and size of the actual pipe.‚Äč

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