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Specification of I Beam

Profile WF (Wide Flange) is a profile of the most popular structural steel used for steel construction. However, this profile did have many names. Some call it the H profile, HWF, H-BEAM, IWF, and I. There are even some places that use the term WH, SH, and MH. 
So, between WF and H arguably no problem naming guns. In fact there is less work to combine the two into HWF. While the IWF own profile by default it is ambiguous, but in the field, the IWF profile refers to the profile of WF. 

Lastly, there is one more that I am naming the group again lazy nyari origins, SH, MH, and WH. All of this profile refers to the WF, the difference is the ratio between width and height. 

Profile SH (short-H), is the WF profile width is approximately equal to a half times the height. For example, 100 × 50, 200 × 100, 250 × 125, etc. 
Profile WH (wide-H), is the width WF profile is approximately equal to one times the height. For example 150 × 150, 175 × 175, 300 × 300, etc. 
Profile MH (middle-H) is the WF profile located between SH and WH. For example 150 × 100, 250 × 150, etc. Compared to the two above, the MH profile is more rarely encountered in the field.

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