Japanese Pipe Sumitomo

Japanese Pipe / Sumitomo Pipe

In the world of pipes, Japanese Pipes / Pipes Sumitomo offers an integrated system that covers the entire process, from development to manufacturing and marketing. Based on the collective strength supported by this system, the Japanese Pipeline Company / Sumitomo Pipe meets various customer needs in various market sectors. Japanese Pipes / Pipes Sumitomo leads its international competitors in high-quality pipes for the energy industry. It develops highly defective pipes for pipe applications that are able to withstand use in very low temperature environments.

The Japanese Pipe / Sumitomo Pipe also leads the world in unique high-angle foot piercing technology for pipes that are seamless with superior high temperature strength and corrosion resistance for applications in oil and natural gas extraction, power generation and chemical industries. Japanese Pipes / Pipes Sumitomo is also involved in product development based on high-grade pipe fabrication for automotive and construction machinery applications.

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